Supercharge Your Sales With White Label Services

The hemp-derived industry is rapidly becoming a multibillion-dollar business. As both new and seasoned entrepreneurs continue to join into the fray, researchers estimate that by 2023, this market will generate roughly 23 billion dollars in revenue in the United States alone.

Even by conservative estimates, that figure represents a steady 59% growth rate since the US Farm Bill passed in 2018.

Despite its rising popularity, however, many interested parties find themselves unsure about where to begin in launching a hemp-derived business.

Fortunately, if you are looking for an additional source of revenue, you’re in luck! Our philosophy is that since customers are already interested in and regularly spending money on these products, there is no reason that your brand should not also stand alongside the big “household names.”

White Label services can help you to create your hemp-derived products and fast track your brand’s entry into the market.

How White Label Works

The concept of white labels dates back to a time when white-sleeved promotional copies of vinyl records were sent out to DJs to get both radio and nightclub airtime. While vinyl gave way to cassettes, cassettes evolved into CDs, and streaming now reigns supreme in the music industry, the idea of white-label distribution has only increased in popularity throughout the years, according to Investopedia. But what does today’s white label look like, and how can it help you to scale your hemp-derived business?

White labeling occurs when a company, also known as the provider, manufactures a product or service that is both re-brandable and re-sellable. Think of it as a team that creates many sheets of blank paper for you to write on. A second company, the reseller, purchases the product, enabling them to add their branding and logo to sell to an end customer. Through contract manufacturing—or the agreement between both companies governing the creation of the products—, the reseller can tap into the provider’s extensive network of industry experts, allowing them to expand their product offerings without the expenses that come with creating a new product from scratch.

Creating a brand is already tough, but attempting hands-on involvement with every step of the production process is even harder. Take into consideration the amount of time, money, resources, equipment, and manufacturing knowledge that you would need to acquire to create one product; then multiply your efforts by the number of products you’re looking to manufacture. These expenditures are redoubled to include the costs of extracting the highest quality oil and keeping up with product demand while assuring label compliance according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

Doesn’t that sound exhausting?

In truth, the what and the where of how you’ll position your brand is the best use of your creative energy. If the demands of product development are overwhelming in view of your marketing and sales-related goals and competencies, that is where White Label Services can step in to help you.

By spending more time on marketing and selling your brand—outsourcing activities outside of your core competencies—you can focus on product scaling, partnerships, and other consumer-facing objectives. Khrysos Industries’ White Label Services can help you to maximize both your time and your revenue.

The road towards successful product deployment is often a bumpy one, and fortunately, we’ve learned from the myriad possible mistakes that might arise when creating a product, getting the art of the white-label down to a science in the process. Our group of experts and PhDs has upped the ante, allowing us to offer more products that you can outsource from us, and providing a broad spectrum of services and unique solutions such as product formulations and graphic design. You don’t need to spend money in a pharmaceutical facility to kickstart your brand, either. We’ve recently acquired an 82,000 square-foot pharmaceutical-grade facility. 

By investing in the right tools to give you the highest quality products, such as our Hyper Supercritical CO2 Extraction system, we can be sure that only the best raw materials and ingredients go into your brand. We perform internal analytical testing which shows accurate and scientific-based results, while also demonstrating proficiency in FDA label design requirements, and following cGMP, EU GMP, and AOAC Methods and Standards.

As proud members of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), and AOAC International, you can be confident that your end product will be compliant with current safety regulations.

If you’re still unsure if White Label or any similar service is right for you, consider:

Do you want to assure that your brand will always remain under your control?

Can you bring your formula, or can you choose any pre-formulated products?

Can you choose stock formulas, expand your product line, and scale your business?

Can outsourcing from the right white label partner save you time and money, letting you focus on selling and marketing your product?

Can you attract loyal customers, whether they’re cost-sensitive or premium-grade shoppers, and build strong relationships with them by smoothly increasing value offerings with a brand that satisfies their needs?

If you answered “yes” to four or five of these questions, Khrysos Industries is the solution for you.

Getting Started

We understand how essential your brand will be to the success of your business. That’s why we’ve made the white label process simple so that you can create the best hemp-derived products with the help of Khrysos Industries’ White Label Program.

Getting started is as simple as sending your logo, colors, and a statement of your vision for the end product. We can also assist you with branding ideation and consulting. We curate professional packaging, labels, retail box designs, formulas, and branding that cater to your specific needs.

If you’re ready to supercharge your sales with Khrysos Industries’ White Label Services, contact our Sales team today to see which of our packages work best for you!