Is Your Lab Using AOAC Methods and Standards?

By: Janet Rodríguez

The hemp-derived market is thriving. 

The 2018 Farm Bill became a game-changer in the hemp-derived space. The current projection of the industry is moving towards a $22 billion reach by 2020.

Many are entering the playing field in hopes of creating successful businesses. While the arena is filled to the brim with new players, there’s one question you must ask yourself. Is your lab compliant with today’s methods and standards?

A must for any business starting or already in the hemp-derived industry, is to adopt industry-recognized accepted standards —agreed, repeatable protocols for performing analytical tests— and methods that promote public safety and accuracy in label potency claims. These standards develop, improve, and validate proprietary testing methods, helping safeguard businesses, mitigate risk, and protect consumers.

AOAC International excels in this regard by providing analytical tools for accurate measurement of consumable products, helping labs all around the world compete in the global marketplace.

Setting the bar in analytical methodology

AOAC International is an independent, not-for-profit association that brings together government, industry, and academia to develop and validate standards, methods, and technologies. These volunteer experts reach a consensus to identify gaps in food safety testing.

Here’s how it works.

The association first defines what is needed in a test, then evaluates the reliability and accuracy of the testing solutions submitted by the scientists. Standards that pass the “consensus” scrutiny are deemed accepted as valid by the global analytical community. 

What does it mean for your lab? Applying these standards will help you obtain reliable data to support compliance-driven quality control of products.

The organization recently launched the Cannabis Analytical Science Program (CASP), which facilitates a forum for the development and maintenance of cannabis standards and methods. Labs interested in the hemp-derived industry can also benefit from AOAC’s Official Methods of Analysis (OMA), the association’s comprehensive guide of chemical and microbiological methods, and standards.

We asked the scientists at Khrysos Industries how applying AOAC Methods and Standards to their laboratory allows them to bring solutions to the hemp-derived industry.

How do you think AOAC Standards can benefit any analytical lab in the Hemp Industry?

Peter Kalogridis: AOAC can provide a uniform numeric standard for reporting individual lab results as well as consistency in comparing data between laboratories.

June Shin: Like USP reference standards for pharmaceutical companies, AOAC standards will be must-have reference compounds for the hemp industry.

Aftab Khan: AOAC is a non-profit agency that works with academics, governmental organizations, and industry professionals to develop peer-reviewed standards, accepted and implemented. Above all, these standards are reproducible, meaning that if followed correctly, the same results can be expected from a test sample regardless of equipment, personnel, and laboratory set up. Analytical labs in the hemp industry following AOAC standards can be confident that their test results are scientifically valid, consistent, and provide pertinent information. It can also help laboratories when applying for various certifications, such as the International Standard Organization (ISO) certification.

How do you think the creation and adoption of new AOAC official methods can benefit the Hemp Industry as a whole? 

June Shin: Validated analytical methods have been needed for the hemp industry. Some different methods that have never validated have been used for cannabinoids analysis. 

Aftab Khan: Hemp is a growing industry. Like any other industry, with growth comes increased responsibility. One of the issues being faced by hemp industry stakeholders is varying test results for the same sample from different analytical laboratories. The primary reason being that different laboratories use different sample preparation, equipment calibration, and analysis techniques. AOAC official methods or standards set a framework for the whole hemp industry to follow. By following AOAC official methods, we can be confident that we are comparing apples to apples and not comparing apples to oranges.

The scientists at Khrysos Industries understand the importance of having AOAC’s methods and standards in place in their laboratory. This approach helps them obtain a uniform numeric standard for reporting lab results that are consistent when comparing data. 

If you’re about to enter or are already in the hemp-derived market, having results that are scientifically valid and dependable can give you the confidence you need to have a successful business. That’s why you can trust the experts at Khrysos Industries.
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