How Extraction Automation Can Help Improve Your Hemp-Derived Business

By: Janet Rodríguez

Your extraction technician logs in and goes to the extractor to start his work for the day. After grabbing the de-carboxylated material, he brings it into the extraction vessels, set the time and pressure and hits go, with a run-rate of up to 250 pounds per day. 

Since the extraction technician is not doing anything else for the next 2 to 4 fours, he prepares the next batch of de-carboxylation material. Once that is set in the cascade oven, he has time left over because he still hasn’t received an automated notification from the extraction equipment. He now goes over to the filtration station to start the filtering process. 

Once the notification arrives, the extraction technician goes back to his original station, uses the automated dust collection system, removes the rafinite materials, recharges it, and then does the rotary evaporation for the rest of the day.

Does this sound like a similar situation?

Many industries have recognized the power of automation in improving output and reducing production and manufacturing errors. Luckily for the hemp-derived market, automation has made the extraction process easier by performing the task at hand with minimal human assistance.

In keeping with innovation, Khrysos Industries has developed a cloud-enabled automation platform that uses HMI technology (touch screen technology) and real-time monitoring through cloud-based connectivity to facilitate fully-automated remote operations and maintenance. 

Here’s how we do it:

  • The cloud-based remote control and systems architecture was designed to streamline operations through simple yet advanced automation, helping clients maximize yield and minimize cost.
  • Our proprietary cascade pump design, ultra high-pressure operation, and ultra-fast flow rates allow our Hyper Supercritical extraction systems to facilitate extract up to 99%, giving you the ability to now process 2,000 pounds of biomass daily.
  • The ASME-certified pneumatic lids for loading eliminates the need to use tools to tighten or adjust them by hand.
  • We engineered the coalescing extraction cylinders to automatically manage operating temperatures up to 130 degrees.
  • Our proprietary-designed gas boosters allow for the recycling of CO2 back into a liquid form for further use and storage, providing unparalleled operational CO2 efficiency and uptime.
  • We have an automated variable-rate flow control valve, which adjusts its size based on pressure and temperature. 

You don’t need one or two employees for each extractor. With our cloud-enabled automation platform, you can manage multiple pieces of equipment or a combination of pieces of equipment, such as winterization and filtration, while extracting material through the system. 

If adding automation to your hemp-derived business is one of your current goals, the dedicated team of experienced Ph.D.’s, engineers, and scientists at Khrysos Industries can help. 

Get in touch with our sales and support team today to discuss all the ways that we can assist you in the expansion or development of your extraction business.

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