Dive Into the Market With Water-Soluble

Hemp-derived consumer products are in high demand across the United States. In fact, one in seven Americans said that they use cannabidiol-based products, according to a poll by Gallup.

Market demand is likely to increase in the coming years as hemp-derived products continue to find a place on retailer shelves. The sale of such products is projected to generate roughly 23 billion dollars in revenue by 2023 in the United States alone.

Accordingly, many entrepreneurs are setting their sights on hemp-derived consumer products as a way to expand their end product offerings.

For instance, a 2019 report by Grand View Research shows that the global hemp-derived skincare market size is expected to reach 1.7 billion dollars by 2025, while statistics predict that hemp-derived infused beverages will grow substantially enough to reach 1.4 billion dollars by 2024.

Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur looking to launch your hemp-derived business or a seasoned company owner, an ideal first step to fast track your brand’s entry to the hemp-derived space is the acquisition of high-quality ingredients.

From cosmetics to hot beverages, water-soluble products can be a great fit for your brand.

What is Water-Soluble Isolate?

As the saying goes, oil and water do not mix. Because cannabidiols are a by-product of extracted oil, the same could be said about hemp-derived products. Cannabidiols are hydrophobic by nature and not soluble in water, meaning that the amount of cannabidiols added to any aqueous form will not contain any significant amount of the core ingredient. Take into consideration that the human body is made up of 60% water and that resultantly, only 4% of hemp-derived products are absorbed.

To bind oil and water molecules together, scientists use an emulsifier, such as 1,3 Propanediol or Polysorbate-80, which disperses cannabinoids into zillions of nanoscopic droplets, thus ensuring that they are readily and totally absorbed by the human body.  This process creates a water-soluble core ingredient that may be used in a wide array of products.

Both Water-Soluble Isolate Powder and Water-Soluble Isolate Liquid result from the emulsification of cannabidiols. Their core ingredients are incredibly versatile and can be used to create everything from skincare products to edible food and beverages.

Why Choose Water-Soluble?

With water-soluble isolate products, brands can tap into specific markets within the hemp-derived space. By providing sought-after consumer products, companies can reach retailer shelves faster and generate revenue more quickly.

One of the main appeals of water-soluble isolate ingredients is their bioavailability. Thanks to emulsification, hemp-derived products can enter the circulatory system and the body can easily absorb the administered dose. This process encourages more effective dispersion, minimizing the amount of product that is wasted upon ingestion. Emulsification is also responsible for allowing cannabidiol molecules to mix better with water-based drinks and other beverages.

With water-soluble products, your brand can identify the dose of cannabidiol in your end product, and also ensure a consistent and precise dosage with each use. At the same time, your customers can enjoy their favorite drinks, for example, while ingesting tasteless and odorless cannabidiol.

Find the Right Water-Soluble Product

If a water-soluble solution sounds like a perfect fit for your hemp-derived brand, we’ve got the right core ingredients to help you create your desired end product(s).

Our proprietary nano-encapsulated water-soluble products, manufactured in our very own 82,000 square-foot nutraceutical-grade facility equipped with state of the art nanotechnology, are engineered for maximum solubility and easy integration with any of your end products. Always lab tested and produced with the customer in mind, they can be added to any formula with minimal impact on color bodies and taste.

We offer both Water-Soluble Isolate Powder and Water-Soluble Isolate Liquid, with either a 10% or a 20% concentration of cannabidiol, in one liter and five-liter containers. The core ingredients are thoroughly tested by the scientists at INX Labs, a leading laboratory in the United States which provides results that are scientifically valid and consistent.

How can you tell whether the powder or the liquid is right for you? Our Water-Soluble Isolate Powder can dissolve into almost any food or beverage during preparation without altering the taste of your product. Furthermore, the core ingredient can also be infused into wellness products, hot liquids, and recipes. Water-Soluble Isolate Liquid, on the other hand, is perfect for cosmetics, food and drink, and pharmaceuticals.

Supercharge Your Brand Today

Don’t miss out! Seize the opportunity to launch your hemp-derived consumer brand by using Water-Soluble Isolate as your core ingredient.

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