4 Tips for Starting Your Own Hemp-Derived Extraction Business

Many entrepreneurs are setting their sights on the hemp-derived extraction business as this segment is growing fast in the marketplace and has proven to be a lucrative field.

According to Entrepreneur, $820 million worth of legal hemp-derived products were sold in the United States alone, signaling an apparent demand for hemp-derived businesses. 

But as with any business, how does one start? 

Develop a strategy for your business

A business strategy is a must-have for any business that is looking for success in any market. For the hemp-derived extraction business, crafting a plan will ensure you identify vital details such as what type of licensing is required, the logistics of the extraction lab, extraction methods to employ, and what kind of equipment is needed.

Determine the space and equipment

Avoid zoning and regulation issues by knowing how much space and equipment you will need for the extraction lab. A thorough analysis of zoning regulations for your municipality will ensure your extraction lab is free from regulation hurdles, a common roadblock encountered by many new extraction business owners.

Build an effective team

The hemp-derived extraction industry is complicated. To avoid costly miscalculations, consider building a team comprised of experts in project management, finances, architecture, engineering, and extraction equipment.

A turn-key, beginning-to-end solutions provider like Khrysos Industries, can take streamline your operations through simple yet advanced automation, helping you maximize yield and minimize cost.

Additionally, our dedicated team of experienced Ph.D.’s, engineers, and scientists on staff can provide process consulting, facility design, and project management to maximize your potential for success.

Establish an end product

Selecting the appropriate, high-quality materials and equipment for your hemp-derived extraction business will help you achieve long-term success.

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