Extraction and Lab Equipment Designed From the Ground Up for Extraction

Using cloud-based, state-of-the-art equipment, engineered from the ground up for the industry to produce the industry’s best yield and quality. Khrysos also provides production planning, consulting and equipment for the extraction industry.

Our Services

Installation Services and Maintenance

We work closely with our clients during the entire process, and offer a wide range of onsite installation, technical setup and maintenance services.

Systems Automation & Remote Control

Our cloud-based remote control & systems automation architecture was designed to streamline operations through simple yet advanced automation helping our clients maximize yield and minimize cost.

Engineering Services

Our dedicated team of experienced PhD’s, engineers, and scientists on staff can provide process consulting, facility design, and project management to maximize your potential for success.

Hyper Supercritical Equipment

Our proprietary cascade pump design, ultra high pressure operation, ultra fast flow rates, allow our Hyper Supercritical extraction systems to extract up to 99% daily with system run rates of 250 – 2000 pounds of feedstock.

Hourly Toll Processing Service

Startups or existing processors, need to scale manufacturing quickly? We can process and refine your raw materials to distillate or Isolate, allowing you to process quickly and easily while maintaining quality and process control.

Equipment Leasing/ Rentals

With pay for performance and leasing options available we make startup and expansion of your extractions facility and operations a seamless process.

Long-Term Relationship 

Khrysos will invest in your business with equipment usage with seed to sale best practices on a revenue share.

Cash Now Program

Khrysos Industries will purchase crude oil so you can focus on growing your business. You have no post processing investment, and it’s a solution to receive revenue quickly.

Toll Processing Program

Our services can clean hot oil through
remediation process using the best practices to yield the best ROI. You have no investment for
post-processing equipment, research,
employees, etc.

Our Extraction Systems

Hyper Supercritical Extraction Machines

Our Hyper Supercritical extraction systems maximize pressure and flow to achieve faster extraction and superior yields.

Pneumatic Lids for Loading

The need to remove our lids has been eliminated with a new design and an easy open-close mechanism. Our lids meet ASME certification and no longer require tools to tighten or adjust by hand.

Supercritical Reactor

Using only 316 food grade stainless steel and ASME certified vessels, we are upping the ante for extraction quality and operational safety.

Coalescing Extraction Cylinders

To achieve a higher efficiency and wider range of extraction capabilities, we’ve engineered our extraction cylinders from the ground up to manage operating temps up to 130 degrees.

Custom Built Liquid Pumps

Our high flow and pressure pumps are designed from the ground up specifically for the extraction industry creating operating pressures up to 5000 psi and flow rates exceeding 4600 ml per min.

Cloud Based Automation

Touch-screen technology and real-time monitoring through cloud-based connectivity empower fully-automated remote operations and maintenance.

Gas Boosters

Our proprietary boosters allow for the conversion of back into a liquid form for further use and or storage, providing unparalleled operational efficiency and uptime.

Heat Exchangers

Cryogenic damage to your machinery using liquified has been minimized through the use of heat exchangers and protective stainless steel components.

1 Ton of Daily Processing

We offer a wide range of systems that process between 125 and 2,000 pounds of raw material daily. Enjoy easy upgrades and capacity additions to your equipment lineup.

Our Distillation Systems

Wiped-Film Molecular Distillation

Wiped-Film Molecular Distillation Systems are seen throughout the industry as the premier machines and and have led the way to greater efficiency with less raw product.

Rotary Evaporators

Using rotary evaporation our labs achieve the greatest possible efficiency and provide a gentle process for the removal of solvents in final product.

Our Advantages

Unparalleled Tech Support

We have highly trained and industry knowledgeable team to assist our clients in every aspect of training, planning, lab design, equipment servicing, and production. We can provide a variety of creative financing options including pay for performance, and recurring revenue share options.

Diverse Experience

Providing the industry standard in extraction equipment sales and service is only the tip of the iceberg. Our extensive list of clients have come to understand we are a partner in their endeavors and we offer only the highest quality material and service possible.

Customer First Approach

With so many long terms and repeat customers that have grown their businesses alongside us as we’ve grown ours, has given us a breadth of knowledge and industry experience that virtually no other manufacturer or service provider in the space can offer.

Expert Training and Knowledge

In an industry that has seen such rapid expansion and technological improvement, we have been successful at positioning ourselves above the crowd when it comes to engineering and staying abreast of all the changes and new technologies on the market today.